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Promotion of culture, tourism and hospitality in the NDP’s sights (2018-2027)

After being sidelined for a long time mainly due to the political crisis the country went through, the cultural, tourism and hospitality sectors are soaring to new heights. Rapid expansion of these three sectors is expected soon through the implementation of the strategic focus of the NDP that intends to boost the growth-enhancing sectors, including culture, tourism and hotel industry.

Promoting and protecting our cultural heritage
Here are some results already achieved in the cultural area:

  • creation of a copyright office;
  • registration of the Burundian drums on the World Heritage list; -preparation of the texts of adherence to Bern and Rome Conventions for the protection of literary and artistic works and other international treaties;
  • construction of 40 RCAC (Reading and Cultural Activity Centres), restoration of 8 RCAC, providing equipment to 6 RCAC and training to 22 coordinators;
  • validation of the national policy for intellectual property; -updating the inventory count of Burundi’s intangible cultural heritage.

Tourism and Hospitality Industry Development

Tourism and hospitality sectors are inseparable, each inherently depending on the other. To promote these inter-related sectors, the Burundian government has up the National Office for Tourism (O.N.T), which has already yielded some positive results including:

  • a policy framework for the tourism development;
  • hotel and restaurant rating; upgrading facilities to international conference and major event standard;
    -adapted human resource capacity;
  • human mobility; » -adapted visitor facilities in tourist areas; respect for the legal framework for protected area preservation.

Investing in the Burundian tourism sector offers countless opportunities in view of the huge assets and potential
-the cultural heritage (tangible and intangible); -the natural heritage;

  • the strategic location of Burundi on the world map;
  • the great number of touristic sites;
  • affordable labour;
  • political commitment to tourism development. Investment Opportunities in Tourism and Hospitality Industries
  • Thalassotherapy activities.
  • Promoting beach tourism and nautical sports on Tanganyika. Building hotel and similar lodging facilities In national parks and other tourist sites.
  • Building upscale conference centres.
  • Upmarket hotels (large worldly-renowned establishments)

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