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From the town centre, you observe the Revolution place erected since the early years of Independence, on that same road which leads towards the south of the country. About twenty kilometres away, passing between Lake Tanganyika and the green hills, you contemplate the famous stone which symbolises the meeting between the English and American explorers. Stanley and Livingstone. One hundred kilometres away from here, we are filled with wonder by fishermen of Magara who smoke the Mukeke, rare delicious fish that we find nowhere else. Huge plantations of palm trees follow the road while the lake goes with you.

When we get near Rumonge, we find a population that is very busy with fishing and keeping up palm trees, which makes that province one of the richest provinces of the country. There are also hotels which are always ready to welcome visitors. From there, you can pass by Mutambara and then join the chieftown of Bururi province. From that small town, you take a dirt track which takes you up to the National Road n°7, via the chief-town of Matana commune located near Rutovu commune. This commune attracts so many visitors because it keeps a pyramid where we find the southernmost source of the Nile. To pursue your adventure, you will turn back and join the National Road n°3.

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